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The kraken awakes! - mcmanly mooches and muses [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mcmanly mooches and muses

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The kraken awakes! [Apr. 7th, 2011|11:24 am]
mcmanly mooches and muses
There have been several unrecorded trips since Rome. We have been twice to New Zealand to play with the grandchildren, to Brisbane for the CBCA awards (I won the Eve Pownall, which was nice), and we also made it to Lake Eyre and Wilpena Pound, as well as having a couple of days in Adelaide.

The odds are that I won't ever post anything on those, so here are a few pictures

My friend the dragon

The famed "Cazneaux Tree". Look it up!

by the time we got there, Lake Eyre was already drying out, though as we left, they had another 100 mm (4 inches) of rain.

Hotel, Marree, sunrise.

Tourist accommodation, Melrose. It seems they bought an old wrecked truck, posed it against a tree, and then built the unit on the back.

Most trips have a serious purpose: the Lake Eyre trip included a visit to the dog-proof fence (5000 km long) for one planned book, and this was one of many mistletoes that I took for 'Australian Backyard Naturalist' (in production).

Same thing here: Charles Darwin, James Cook and others visited the Bay of Islands in the past, and so will a fictional character that I'm working on, so we did too. Sunset at Paihia.

South of Auckland, we went to see a few of the volcanic areas. This one is a commercially run place called Orakei-Korako. Pricey, but well worth a visit. Disappointingly, they wanted to overcharge on the coffee. We went into town and had some there instead.

And we visited the Hundertwasser toilet block at Kawakawa, often described as the world's most photographed toilet block. Just Google to see more of the shots people have taken, or to learn the story.

NOW: we are off to the USA, Morocco and Spain, Real Soon Now, and I hope to be a little more reliable in my postings.

Time will tell!

From: doyidray
2011-04-08 06:42 am (UTC)


Great writing! I want you to follow up to this topic!?!

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[User Picture]From: mcmanly
2011-04-08 06:59 am (UTC)

Re: Good

Well, the chances are good. This is being written on the Netbook that I plan to take with me, which means that I have all of the right bits in the right places. I also have the camera software in place to transfer pics over, and I also have the graphics software that I need to crop and resize pics. It will depend on time, I guess!
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